Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland PEPs

Official PEP list for Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority maintains a list of the persons who are PEPs in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. The list is based on reports from the authorities and organisations, which, according to the PEP order, must report the names and birthdays of the PEPs associated with them.

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Faroe Islands274
Publisher:Finanstilsynet (Denmark)

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority is the financial regulatory authority of the Danish government responsible for the regulation of financial markets in Denmark.

It is part of the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs.

This authority also acts as secretariat for the Financial Business Council, the Danish Securities Council and the Money and Pension Panel.

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Aqqalu JerimiassenPersonGreenland
Jens NapaattooqPersonGreenland
Kristian JeremiassenPersonGreenland
Jens Frederik NielsenPersonGreenland · Denmark
Kuno FenckerPersonGreenland
Erik JensenPersonGreenland
Evard Nielsen AronsenPersonGreenland
Hans BlaabjergPersonDenmark
Hans EnoksenPersonGreenland
Harald BiancoPersonGreenland
Jens Kristian TherkelsenPersonGreenland
Jette JuulPersonDenmark
Karl TobiassemPersonGreenland
Knud MathiassenPersonGreenland
Kristian Reinert DavidsenPersonFaroe Islands