Every Politician

All members of national parliament in the world, collected from hundreds of government web sites and consolidated via Wikidata.

The EveryPolitician project ran until 2019 and created a mechanism for consolidating data about members of parliament for 233 different countries and territories. As part of the project, EveryPolitician operated a large fleet of crawlers which read the web sites of parliaments around the world.

The project was shut down in June 2019, leaving the contained data to slowly wither in precision. Going forward, the Peppercat Legislators dataset will succeed EveryPolitician. It generates membership data from Wikidata, which is currently incomplete in some jurisdictions. Going forward, the intention is to use the EveryPolitician scrapers to update membership data in Wikidata.

The OpenSanctions importer only includes individuals active since the year 2000.

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Publisher:MySociety (UK Citizens Online Democracy) non-official source

MySociety is a non-profit group developing online technologies that empower citizens to participate in politics and civic life.

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Tommy FranzenPersonSweden
Anton OttPersonGermany
Henrik SvensenPersonNorway
Ivar FranzénPersonSweden
Isidoro Tohá GonzálezPersonChile
Howe Yoon ChongPersonSingapore
Harry HansenPersonNorway
Paul GillmorPersonUnited States
Henryk LewczukPersonPoland
Hugh GibbonsPersonIreland