Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL)

Companies database of the Russian Federation as maintained and published by the Federal Tax Service.

The tax database of legal entities is probably the most detailed part of the companies registry (other fragments are maintained by the statistics body and others). The registry data must be purchased from the tax authority, but a full version of it has been released online by a Russian IT entrepreneur.

This snapshot is dated 2022-01-01, in order to meet a compromise between using fresh data, and avoiding information loss via intra-war data removals.

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Publisher:Федеральная Налоговая Служба (Russia)

The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation is an authorized federal executive body that carries out state registration of legal entities, individuals as individual entrepreneurs and peasant (farm) enterprises, an authorized federal executive body that accredits branches, representative offices of foreign legal entities (with the exception of representative offices of foreign credit institutions)

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