Croatia State Registry of Public Officials

Senior public officials in Croatia by the Commission for Decisions on Public Interest

This dataset documents Croatian public officials, their positions, and affiliations. It is published daily by the Commission for Decisions on Public Interest Povjerenstvo za odlučivanje o sukobu interesa), and intended to be referenced in investigating conflicts of interest. Only officials who have held some position falling within our PEP criteria within our PEP retention period are included.

Data overview

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Publisher:Povjerenstvo za odlučivanje o sukobu interesa (Croatia)

The Commission for Decisions on Public Interest (Povjerenstvo za odlučivanje o sukobu interesa) is a government body responsible for preventing conflicts of interest between private and public interests.

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Marina Opačak BilićPersonCroatia
Matko KuzmanićPersonCroatia
Zoran GregurovićPersonCroatia
Natalija MartinčevićPersonCroatia
Davor BožinovićPersonCroatia
Marin LerotićPersonCroatia
Vesna NađPersonCroatia
Marko Milanović LitrePersonCroatia
Romana NikolićPersonCroatia
Katarina NemetPersonCroatia
Mario MilinkovićPersonCroatia
Andreja MarićPersonCroatia
Ivan RačanPersonCroatia
Marija VučkovićPersonCroatia
Josip OstrogovićPersonCroatia