Open Ownership Datasets

Corporate ownership records from various countries published using Open Ownership's Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS).

The data in this collection is full beneficial ownership registers, not just the subsets which are adjacent to sanctioned or other risky entities and thus included in the OpenSanctions default dataset. This data is not fully internally resolved in the same way that the rest of OpenSanctions is.

For the UK PSC and Latvian beneficial ownership database, we retrieve the data directly from their respective data publishers in order to guarantee a weekly refresh cycle.

Data overview

Entity types:
Legal entities637,041
Bank accounts350,961
254 countries · Show overview...
Publisher:Open Ownership non-official source

Open Ownership provides policy guidance and technical support to governments that wish to make information regarding the ownership of companies available in a structured form.

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Downloads contain the full set of entities contained in this dataset. You can fetch a simplified tabular form, or detailed, structured data in JSON format. Updated files will be provided once a day at the same location.

File nameExport typeSize
entities.ftm.jsonFollowTheMoney entities22.82 GB
senzing.jsonSenzing entity format20.31 GB
statistics.jsonDataset statistics13.62 KB

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Data sources5

Open Ownership Datasets is a collection dataset which bundles together entities from the following sources: