Türkiye Grand National Assembly

Current military members of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is the unicameral Turkish legislature.

It is the sole body given the legislative prerogatives by the Turkish Constitution. There are 600 members of parliament (deputies) who are elected for a five-year term from 87 electoral districts which represent the 81 administrative provinces of Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara are divided into three electoral districts whereas İzmir and Bursa are divided into two each because of its large populations).

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Publisher:Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi (Türkiye)

Grand National Assembly of Türkiye

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Bilal BİLİCİPersonTürkiye
Abdurrahman BAŞKANPersonTürkiye
Adalet KAYAPersonTürkiye
Adnan BEKERPersonTürkiye
Adnan Şefik ÇİRKİNPersonTürkiye
Ahmet Baran YAZGANPersonTürkiye
Ahmet ERBAŞPersonTürkiye
Ahmet Ersagun YÜCELPersonTürkiye
Ahmet Eşref FAKIBABAPersonTürkiye
Ahmet ÖZYÜREKPersonTürkiye
Ahmet ŞIKPersonTürkiye
Ahmet Tuncay ÖZKANPersonTürkiye
Ahmet Vehbi BAKIRLIOĞLUPersonTürkiye
Ali BOZANPersonTürkiye
Ali Fazıl KASAPPersonTürkiye