Ukraine SFMS Blacklist

Ukraine's financial intelligence unit publishes this list of sanctioned individuals.

The Ukrainian sanctions list appaears to largely mirror the UN main list, but does not retain a lot of the detail contained in the original list.

Title on their web site: "An up-to-date list of persons involved in terrorist activities or subject to international sanctions" (Актуальний перелік осіб, пов’язаних з провадженням терористичної діяльності або стосовно яких застосовано міжнародні санкції)

A PDF version is available here.

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Legal entities251
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Publisher:Державна служба фінансового моніторингу України (Держфінмоніторинг) (Ukraine)

The State Finance Monitoring Service (SFMS) is a national center for receiving and analyzing reports of suspicious transactions and other information related to money laundering related to predicate offenses and terrorist financing, and to disseminate the results of this analysis.

Source data:fiu.gov.ua (XML)
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Katibat al Tawhid wal JihadOrganizationKyrgyzstan · Syria · Russia
Ali Mohamed RAGEPersonSomalia
Fazal RAHIMPersonAfghanistan · Pakistan
Ali DARASSAPersonNiger · Chad · Central African Republic
Ashraf al-GizaniPersonTunisia
Jund al-KhilafaOrganizationTunisia
Shahab al-MuhajirPersonAfghanistan · Iraq
Emraan ALIPersonSyria · Trinidad & Tobago · United States
AL-GHAMARI, Muhammad Abd Al-KarimPersonYemen
Saleh Mesfer al ShaerPersonYemen
Yusuf AL-MADANIPersonYemen
Osama al KuniPersonLibya
Hamad Awad al-ShammariPersonKuwait
Eric BADEGEPersonCongo - Kinshasa · Rwanda · Congo - Brazzaville
KOREA SAMMA SHPG COOrganizationNorth Korea
KIM, Yong CholPersonNorth Korea
Safia Farkash AL-BARASSIPersonOman · Egypt · Libya
Roodi SLEWAPersonIraq
PRO-GAIN GROUP CORPORATIONCompanyTaiwan · Namibia · Samoa
محمد يعقوبPersonAfghanistan · Namibia
RAHAT LTD.OrganizationAfghanistan · Pakistan · Iran
NIK MOHAMMADPersonAfghanistan · Namibia