Thanks for your support.

We appreciate that you've chosen to work with us and use our data. Below you will find some links that will help you to get started.

Get to know the data

Data licensing applies to the following collections by default:

As you start processing the data, we recommend you read the introduction to entity data and have a look at the data dictionary.

Get to know the API

While our API is documented publicly, we ask commercial users to add an authorization header that identifies them. Please add the following to all HTTP requests you send to

Authorization: Bearer <>

This way, we know that traffic coming from you is legitimate and we will exempt you from rate limiting and IP blocking that we apply to anonymous traffic from time to time.

Get to know us

OpenSanctions is meant to be a conversation. Whether it is about using the existing data formats, proposing a new data source or reporting a mistake in the data - we are keen to know your thoughts and concerns.

  • Join the OpenSanctions Slack and post any questions and comments to the #support channel.
  • Please also always feel free to contact us at