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#29: What is included in each pricing tier?

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Our pricing is designed such that

  • Internal use bulk data includes the right to use the full dataset for any in-house purpose: screening your customers (for example, using our self-hosted API software), powering your investigations, enriching an internal knowledge graph. This also includes the development of customer-facing applications in which significant value is added.
  • Bulk data for financial services (internal use): Use our dataset for internal purposes in the context of banking and payment services, such as screening the sender and recipient of money transfers (transaction monitoring).
  • Reseller/OEM bulk data lets you use the OpenSanctions data as a building block in any external-facing products and services that are principally based on the data, and it can also include the re-sale of the data as part of your own data solutions.
  • OpenSanctions API lets you use our API service to query and match entities. You can use the service on a pay-as-you-go basis, or subscribe to a bulk license and host the matching software on your own premises.

If you're unsure if your intended use case qualifies as internal use, please just contact us so we can learn a bit about your needs and find an equitable solution.

The internal use licensing cost for OpenSanctions amounts to less than one engineering day per month. We think that with the level of data cleaning and de-duplication we provide, our comprehensive documentation and ever-growing collections of crawlers, this is a very good deal.

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