Malaysia's Financial Consumer Alert List

Entities who have been wrongly represented as being licensed by the Central Bank of Malaysia.

From the Bank Negara Malaysia website:

The Financial Consumer Alert List (FCA List) is a guide to enhance the awareness on entities or schemes which may have been wrongly perceived or represented as being licensed or regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

The FCA List is updated based on information received by BNM from members of the public, after conducting necessary assessments on the reported entities and schemes. Consumers may refer to the FCA List as one of several ways to check if an entity or a scheme has been identified as one that has not been authorised by BNM to offer financial products or services that are regulated by BNM.

The absence or subsequent removal of an entity or a scheme from the FCA List however should not be construed as confirmation that such entity or scheme is or has been licensed or regulated by BNM. As with any financial investment, consumers are advised to exercise due care when investing in any entity or financial scheme.

Note that this dataset is only updated occasionally.

Data overview

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Legal entities502
Publisher:Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysia)

Central Bank of Malaysia

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Al Ihsan Robo CapitalLegal entity
Pollywood SchemeLegal entity
PTFXLegal entity
IronFX Solid TradingLegal entity
Iridian Ventures PLT (LLP0002569-LGN)Legal entity
FX Primus LtdLegal entity
Cash Deal Sdn Bhd (Boss Venture)Legal entity
Global Creation TradingLegal entity
XOC7Legal entity
Preferred Credentials Sdn BhdLegal entity
Keenan Brilliant Services (002021597-V)Legal entity
Pok Din Empire Sdn Bhd (1130978-D)Legal entity
MOP Consultant Sdn. Bhd (101867-W)Legal entity
Mining Guru.netLegal entity
Richway Global VentureLegal entity