Nigeria Joining the Dots PEPs and PEP Relatives

Data on Politically Exposed Persons in Nigeria and their relatives from the Joining the Dots project.

This is a dataset of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in Nigeria and their relatives, as part of the Joining the Dots project.

This is a civil-society project using official sources as far as possible, complemented by other public sources. It aims to improve natural resource governance in Nigeria by enabling the discovery of relationships between people in political office and companies in the extractives industry.

The Joining the Dots Nigeria project also publishes a dataset of companies in the extractives industry and their beneficial owners. It further lists possible name matches between these beneficial owners and PEPs and their relatives.

However, these matches have not yet been confirmed due to the lack of strong identifiers in the available data. This dataset therefore currently only includes the PEPs and their relatives, but not the companies or ownership information.

Data overview

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Publisher:Joining the Dots with PEPs (Nigeria) (Nigeria) non-official source

This is a project by Directorio Legislativo with support from the Opening Extractives program (OpenOwnership and EITI) and the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI).

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Source data:peps.directoriolegislativo.org · XLSX
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Giles LeverPersonNigeria
Adolphus Nduneweh WabaraPersonNigeria
Chinwe ObajiPersonNigeria
Ibrahim Nasiru MantuPersonNigeria
Ruqayyah Ahmed Rufa'IPersonNigeria
Sarah AladePersonNigeria
Segun Moses OladimejiPersonNigeria
Ibrahim KutaPersonNigeria
Daniel SarorPersonNigeria
Jibril AminuPersonNigeria
Maimunat AdajiPersonNigeria
Mohammed AruwaPersonNigeria
Olasehinde F. MustaphaPersonNigeria
Oyekunle D. MukailaPersonNigeria
Tunde OgbehaPersonNigeria