Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker

A list of suggested Russia-related sanctions targets composed by the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency.

The War and Sanctions website engages citizens in the sanctioning process, and gives people power to hold accountable the people fueling Russia's war against Ukraine. It follows in the epistolary tradition of the classic novel that shares a similar name.

(That'sa pretty amazing mission statement for a government project!)

The dataset contains information on individuals and entities subject to sanctions as well information on individuals and entities that are likely to be subjected to sanctions. In the future, the agency plans to include information on assets of sanctioned individuals.

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Publisher:National Agency on Corruption Prevention (Ukraine)

The National Agency on Corruption Prevention is a central executive body with a special status. It is responsible for the development of anti-corruption policy and prevention of corruption. The National Agency was established in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption.

Source data:sanctions.nazk.gov.ua (JSON)
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