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#35: Does OpenSanctions include beneficial ownership data?

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A big part of the challenge of sanctions screening is to track and identify corporate ownership structures associated with sanctioned entities (cf. OFAC 50% rule).

We see this as an exciting challenge, which we are going to address by bringing in relevant context from external datasets, such as company and beneficial ownership databases. For example, we include sanctions-linked companies from the ICIJ OffshoreLeaks, GLEIF, Open Ownership and 11 national databases. We also link to, but don't include data from In the future, we plan to also include structured data sourced from investigative reporting as an additional source of information on sanctions-linked entities.

However, this process is incremental and the results will always be incomplete as long as secrecy jurisdictions and a lack of global ownership information are weaponised by sanctioned entities to evade enforcement.

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